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March 01, 2022

How to Get the Most From A Security Cameras In McAllen

Security cameras can simply be used as a deterrent—a display that tells criminals or intruders that “we see you.” Or you can utilize your video surveillance to bolster your home’s security.

Fortunately, modern security cameras are outfitted with a plethora of tools all built to enable total protection for your family. Whether it’s recording options and 2-way talk or infrared dark vision and lightning-quick motion detection, these features help you to have the most from security cameras in McAllen.

How To Set Up Your McAllen Security Cameras For Top-Of-The-Line Protection

Placing your security cameras on the perfect locations around your residence is the best place to start with home security.. Interior security cameras should be placed in common areas like the living room or den. It’s also a good move to have a camera near main hallways, stairs, or other centralized areas thieves would have to move around to get to the rest of your interior. Exterior security cameras should offer you a clear view of your patio, driveway, and backyard, shed, and other outdoor isolated buildings, like sheds. You can always get a view of your front porch via a subtle doorbell camera.

There are places within your home that aren’t quite as imperative to monitor like bedrooms, bathrooms, and basements without a good entryway to the outside. Even if you have jewelry in your bedroom, setting a camera in the bedroom may impact your privacy. You can always add window or motion sensors if you want a form of security in bedrooms.

Additions That Elevate ​​Home Security Cameras

Device placement is only the first step in extracting the all you can out of home security cameras in McAllen. The features listed below help to maximize security and boost overall home safety.

  • Motion detection: Get instant messages on your mobile device whenever strange movement is detected. You can also program cameras to start filming when motions are detected which helps add to camera recording time.
  • Storage and recording: Program your ​​video surveillance to film and back up clips for easy viewing anytime.
  • 2-way audio: Nearly all of today’s security cameras have a built-in mic and speaker so you are able to converse with people through the unit. With your security app, you can make it seem you’re home or talk to your kids as they arrive home from school.
  • Wide angle lens: Field of view, or how wide camera the lens can see, provides a more complete view of what where you want to protect. Opt for cameras that allow for a minimum of 120-degree coverage or that are able to pan in a wide arc for superior visibility.
  • Dark vision: Ensure your video surveillance come with either LED or infrared sensors that will produce video of pitch black motion.
  • Activity zones: To make security updates more targeted, create activity zones. For example, you can configure your exterior camera to alert you of activity taking place on your yard or your porch and disregard animals passing or the sidewalk.
  • App: mobile app, like ADT Control®, enable you to watch live camera footage, direct cameras, toggle on and off the system, and capture events. Most importantly, the app should send instant texts when the see unusual motion around your house.

Optimize Your Security Cameras Today

Achieving the most out of your security cameras in McAllen is more simple. From ultra fast motion detection to two-way talk, your security system is elevated from just a deterrent to a powerful defense. Call (956) 291-4643 or fill out the form below to begin personalizing your home security system today.